Product Terms and Conditions

By purchasing/downloading/using our products/services you accept the following terms and conditions.

Product Usage
? For each purchased product you are granted to install/use the product into (1) site only.
? We are not responsible for integration on any other script/application/modifications/plugins you will use with our products/services.

YOU CANNOT RESELL THE PRODUCTS (themes/templates/plugins/mods all paid/free) OR DISTRIBUTE IT BY ANY MEANS WITHOUT CONSENT OF Teamwurkz Technologies Inc.
License Transfer
? License transfer is allowed within thirty (30) days, after purchase.
? If in any case, the client wants to transfer his/her license, client must inform Teamwurkz Technologies Inc.
? Upon transfer of license, any terms and conditions will be applied to the new licensee, and thus terminating the money-back guarantee.
? Current client must submit the full name, URL/domain name and email address of the new licensee.
Product Updates
? FREE lifetime updates ( depends on our product version availability )
? Only minor version are free (e.g. v2.0.3, 2.0.4 or 2.1, 2.2)
? Technologies Inc. reserves the right to upgrade or not upgrade our products for future versions.
? Custom Designs/Modifications upgrades are not free.
Money-back Guarantee
For every product purchased client is given a thirty (30) day money back guarantee and is entitled for a full refund if the following conditions are met:

? That there are no revisions/changes made in the products/services.
? That our products/services does not work on client site/location/server due to our product fault/bugs/errors
? Client must allow us to troubleshoot/install the product to confirm product failure.
? Product failure must NOT be due to other script/mods/plugins.
? Client must have product requirements and configured/installed properly for the product purchased.
? We do not support bugs of third party mods/plugins.
? We will not be responsible for tweaks/program modifications on other/third party mods/plugins.
? We do not troubleshoot any bugs/errors on the script.
? We will not be responsible/accountable for any data loss, damages, profit loss in your website/server/computer and/or in your business.
Abuse of staff is not tolerated. Any abuse of staff such as profanity, threats, derogatory comments, ridiculing, etc will result in a warning. If the abuse continues after the warning, then support access can be immediately terminated and/or your account suspended.
Teamwurkz Technologies Inc. reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions with or without prior notice.
Any violation of terms and conditions will forfeit the money-back guarantee and license to use the products without prior notice.